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Eye Bolt Testing

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CCS Ltd Approved Eye bolt testing services covering London and UK. FREE QUOTES

For a fast and efficient services upload the previous test certificate using the contact form. This will help us to determine the quantity and expiry date also the location of the eyebolts. Click Here

Rope access and fall arrest eyebolt needs to be installed to a point of safety, maby inside a window, and must be always loaded correctly to a shear value.

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Fall arrest eyebolt can only be used for fall arrest purposes.

A Periodic examinations is required every 12 months for fall arrest and 6 months for eyebolts used for rope access.

On the completion of a 6 Monthly eyebolt test our clients is issued with a full eyebolt certification package, safe in the knowledge that the eyebolts are safe to use and all current HSE legislation is up to date.

Incorrect installation of Fall Arrest anchors and eye bolts testing including single point anchors can prove fatal. Axial Load Test should be carried out in accordance with BS 7883:2005 - Application and Use of Anchor Devices Conforming to BS EN 795 and Appendix A of BS EN 795:1997 - Protection Against Falls From A Height - Anchor Devices - Requirements and Testing.

abseiling eye bolt

Installation MUST include the testing procedures detailed in the above two standards and only be carried out by someone who is competent to do so.
The examination of eyebolts means the removal of the bolt for inspection to check that there is no corrosion, or defects All examinations will be carried out so as to meet the requirement of BS 7883; 2005, and BS EN 795 Any Anchor devices that do not satisfied these requirements set out by law should be withdrawn from service by the use of a suitable warning tag.
In the case of Anchor Devices installed into brickwork, concrete and masonry a 6kN axial load test of 15 seconds must be performed to ensure the integrity of the fixing. They can be installed in a variety of substrates including concrete, brick and block work, cavity walls and structural steelwork. A warning disc is required to comply with EN 795.

window cleaning eye bolt

Each disc must state whether usage is for Fall Arrest, Fall Restraint, Abseiling, Rope Access or Work Positioning i.e. window cleaning. All installations will be conducted to the highest standards of quality. We can supply ibolts in stainless steel, galvanised steel or powder coated. After installation of any eyebolts, the installation details, positional photographs and certificates are logged onto our unique tracking software, and you will automatically be reminded by email when your next retest is due. Our clients have found this of great benefit when controlling sites that have multiple buildings all with eyebolt requirements.

Our professionally trained team are able to carry out eyebolt testing at a convenient time to suit your needs. Testing and installation can be done out of hours or weekends.

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